Participant: Peteris

Representing Latvia using CoffeeScript, Clojure, Haskell, Ruby, Python, C, Java, Perl, C++, C#.

Qualification Round: ranked 1773 (100 points)
Bot TrustMagickaCandy SplittingGoroSort
Download CoffeeScript Download CoffeeScript Download Clojure Download Clojure Download Haskell Download Haskell Download Ruby Download Ruby
Round 1B: ranked 1734 (20 points)
RPIRevenge of the Hot DogsHouse of Kittens
Download Python Download Python
Round 1C: ranked 660 (55 points)
Square TilesSpace EmergencyPerfect Harmony
Download C Download Java Download Java Download Perl
Round 2: ranked 495 (48 points)
Airport WalkwaysSpinning BladeExpensive DinnerA.I. War
Download C++ Download C++ Download C Download C
Round 3: ranked 362 (16 points)
Irregular CakesDire StraightsPerpetual MotionMystery Square
Download C# Download C#