Participant: AxiomOfChoice

Representing United States using Haskell, bc, PHP, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, Scala, D, C, Java, C++.

Qualification Round: ranked 2907 (60 points)
Magic TrickCookie Clicker AlphaMinesweeper MasterDeceitful War
Download Haskell Download bc Download PHP Download JavaScript Download JavaScript
Round 1A: ranked 2340 (17 points)
Charging ChaosFull Binary TreeProper Shuffle
Download Python Download Ruby
Round 1B: ranked 547 (55 points)
The RepeaterNew Lottery GameThe Bored Traveling Salesman
Download Python Download Scala Download D Download C
Round 2: ranked 1424 (31 points)
Data PackingUp and DownDon't Break The NileTrie Sharding
Download Java Download C++ Download C++ Download C++