Participant: utkarshkukreti2

Representing India using Lua, PHP, Erlang, Elixir, Java, Python, JavaScript, Haskell, Rust, Ruby, Scala, C++, LiveScript, CoffeeScript, Perl, Swift, TypeScript.

Qualification Round: ranked 3027 (75 points)
Counting SheepRevenge of the PancakesCoin JamFractiles
Download Lua Download PHP Download Erlang Download Elixir Download Java Download Python Download JavaScript
Round 1A: ranked 1299 (71 points)
The Last WordRank and FileBFFs
Download Haskell Download Rust Download Ruby Download Scala Download C++
Round 1B: ranked 2738 (33 points)
Getting the DigitsClose MatchTechnobabble
Download LiveScript Download CoffeeScript Download Perl
Round 1C: ranked 3423 (18 points)
Senate EvacuationSlides!Fashion Police
Download Swift Download TypeScript