Representing Latvia using PowerShell, MSIL, SQL, Shell, bc, AWK, dc, Maple, sed, TCL, Scheme, Lisp, ALGOL, OCaml, F#, Rust, Go, Dart, Groovy, Scala.

Qualification Round: ranked 864 (75 points)
Oversized Pancake FlipperTidy NumbersBathroom StallsFashion Show
Download PowerShell Download MSIL Download SQL Download Shell Download bc Download AWK Download dc Download Maple
Round 1A: ranked 4265 (21 points)
Alphabet CakeRatatouillePlay the Dragon
Download sed Download TCL
Round 1B: ranked 3698 (38 points)
Steed 2: Cruise ControlStable Neigh-borsPony Express
Download Scheme Download Lisp Download ALGOL
Round 1C: ranked 665 (72 points)
Ample SyrupParenting PartneringCore Training
Download OCaml Download F# Download Rust Download Go Download Dart
Round 2: ranked 1930 (16 points)
Fresh ChocolateRoller Coaster SchedulingBeaming With JoyShoot the Turrets
Download Groovy Download Scala