Participant: bryanj

Representing South Korea using Shell, Haskell, OCaml, Racket, Aheui, MATLAB, Shakespeare, Pascal, Rust, Go, CoffeeScript, JavaScript, Kotlin, PHP, Perl, Lua, C, Python, Scala, Java, Groovy, C++, Ruby.

Qualification Round: ranked 1091 (100 points)
Counting SheepRevenge of the PancakesCoin JamFractiles
Download Shell Download Haskell Download OCaml Download Racket Download Aheui Download MATLAB Download Shakespeare Download Pascal
Round 1A: ranked 3635 (55 points)
The Last WordRank and FileBFFs
Download Rust Download Go Download CoffeeScript Download JavaScript
Round 1B: ranked 2435 (33 points)
Getting the DigitsClose MatchTechnobabble
Download Kotlin Download PHP Download Perl
Round 1C: ranked 321 (66 points)
Senate EvacuationSlides!Fashion Police
Download Lua Download C Download Python Download Scala Download Java
Round 2: ranked 820 (35 points)
Rather Perplexing ShowdownRed Tape CommitteeThe Gardener of SevilleFreeform Factory
Download Groovy Download C++ Download Ruby Download Ruby Download Ruby