Participant: bryanj

Representing South Korea using OCaml, C#, Haskell, Racket, Aheui, Shakespeare, Shell, Swift, TypeScript, Go, Perl, PHP, Pascal, Lua, Groovy, Kotlin, CoffeeScript, JavaScript, Scala, Java, Python, C, Ruby, C++.

Qualification Round: ranked 372 (100 points)
Oversized Pancake FlipperTidy NumbersBathroom StallsFashion Show
Download OCaml Download C# Download Haskell Download Racket Download Aheui Download Shakespeare Download Shell Download Swift Download TypeScript
Round 1A: ranked 1687 (33 points)
Alphabet CakeRatatouillePlay the Dragon
Download Go Download Perl Download PHP
Round 1B: ranked 1935 (54 points)
Steed 2: Cruise ControlStable Neigh-borsPony Express
Download Pascal Download Lua Download Groovy Download Kotlin
Round 1C: ranked 548 (72 points)
Ample SyrupParenting PartneringCore Training
Download CoffeeScript Download JavaScript Download Scala Download Java Download Python
Round 2: ranked 984 (25 points)
Fresh ChocolateRoller Coaster SchedulingBeaming With JoyShoot the Turrets
Download C Download Ruby Download C++