Unidentified submissions

The programming language used in the following submissions could not be identified.

Qualification Round

62Soultaker download A-S
117misof download A-S
251Smithers download A-S
301eduardische download A-S
372y3eadgbe download C-S
659AHdoc download C-S
828linguo download A-S
1078NovGosh download C-L1
1318alexsmirnov download A-S, download A-L, download B-S, download B-L
1872dabaopku download B-S
1989PierreB download C-L1
1990jrying download C-S
2269percywtc download A-S, download B-L
2290d.ark download A-L
2400Tukikun download A-L
2443vovas download A-L
2454Sedols download A-S
2643in.tenebris.lucet download B-L
2669shilulu download C-S
2683mephisto0666 download C-S
3087ACator download C-S, download C-L1
3732soimort download A-S
3772Phyllipe download A-S
3889raymond.Milad download A-L
4294Laurie download C-S
4555TimD download C-S
4624PRATEEK.IITB download C-S, download C-L1
4709GreatCombinator download C-S
4940HadiKhan download B-S
5061a.fathy.f.alone download B-S, download C-S
5085swong download B-S
5532rdehar download A-S, download A-L, download B-S, download B-L, download C-S
5623McMorbid download C-S
6070MochaFan download C-S
6185Kirnley download C-S
6193yrl download A-S, download A-L, download B-S, download B-L, download C-S
6476ghsintur download B-S
6925oneortwo download A-S
7023Eolini download B-S
7192out.of.memory.exception download B-L
7232krzykid download A-L
7298justtony download A-L
7393AwesomeWilliam download B-L
7521Pstryq download B-S
7707Naranjito31 download A-S
8185ra1618 download A-S, download A-L
8277OwenTN download B-L
8303schadocalex download A-S
8748brett42 download A-S
8834coder.yh download A-L
9148lambdasquared download A-L
9360lyogoo download A-S
9547jefedt download A-S, download A-L, download B-S, download B-L
9797siddharth6150 download A-S, download A-L
10108johndoe1 download A-S, download A-L, download B-S, download B-L
10853HassanFarid download C-S
10967sevenfive download A-S
11093spiderman12345 download B-S, download B-L, download C-S
11190Gigaicon download A-S
11241ajp1304 download A-S
11508khlifa download B-S
11865ballou88 download A-L
12226HappyGreenCat download A-S, download A-L, download B-S, download C-S
12402younes22 download A-S
12422Arthur94 download C-S
12474mihai.avr.1232 download A-S, download A-L, download B-S, download C-S
12719Reizen download A-S, download A-L, download B-S, download C-S
12822AndrewLevine download A-S
12878NathanielC download B-S
13047licstar download C-S, download C-L1
13150M.bot download A-L
13184mohzayat download A-L
13407dixilo download A-S, download A-L
13426HuggyBear download A-S, download A-L
13494Suresh7856 download B-S
13552lullaby download C-S
13818MUBIN download C-S
13996glinkot download A-S
14086oakeybears download A-S, download A-L, download C-S
14174wc6221217 download A-L
14778ronakonly download A-S
14986mdshahbazshafi23 download A-S, download A-L
15129wyj download A-S, download A-L, download B-S
15158Niranjan4523 download A-S, download A-L, download C-S
15188iloveab download A-L
15266Dugs download A-S
15642Ravi4533 download A-S, download A-L, download C-S
15734AbeerSwelam93 download A-S, download A-L, download C-S
15946lica download A-S, download A-L, download C-S
16018MohitS10 download A-S
16123mhaligowski download A-S
16399yanametro download A-L
16610Imadeit download A-S
16728akjain2050 download A-S, download A-L, download C-S
16839mkarara download A-S
16959nick. download A-S, download A-L, download C-S
17014Kwastie download C-S
18011msanghi download A-S
18327UrielZyx download A-S
18559BIbI download A-S, download C-S
18623AMRY download A-S, download C-S
18635vcr download C-S
18646SantaSingh download B-S
18848Liketocode download A-S
18939NewRalic download A-S
18972akshat12345 download A-S, download C-S
19077ShinChan23 download A-S
19081jjs download C-S
19085Lanfest download A-S, download C-S
19119nikostov download A-S, download C-S
19202MSDhoni download A-S, download C-S
19379Zanzan download B-S
19392Kennedy download A-S, download C-S
19420Tzabar1994 download A-S
19586shyunz download C-S
19625ashwin103 download A-S, download C-S
19644Cloudeh download A-S, download C-S
19676pipistrello download A-S
19725Narthorn download A-S
19785devguru download C-S
19811Armz download C-S
19849zhuoOrz download C-S
19920hwil download A-S
19977kumadasu download A-S
20053risingpenguin download A-S
20124mohamedabdallah download A-S
20154Tolasomoju download A-S
20198Vultureuz download A-S
20648Liger download A-S
2075420115455 download A-S
20794kamalxx download C-S
20964elmer download C-S
20987Shuhy download A-S
21059djonibrox download A-S
21067mishastassen download A-S
21123HaseebHaroonPaul download A-S

Round 1A

542Naonao download B-S
982raj11 download B-S
1086scalar download A-S, download A-L
1520adamhorvath download A-S
2287Crazycolorz5 download B-S
2418Artifere download A-S
2439themichaelchen download A-S, download B-S
2814pawelj download A-S, download B-S
2965RaagaaPrakash download A-S
3103polop download A-S
3713pallu420 download A-S
3736mihai.avr.1232 download A-S
3927senseiurata download A-S
4033HappyGreenCat download A-S
4244gari87 download A-S
4314BravoPrime download A-S
4334SurajManjesh download A-S
4537raulmercadox download A-S
4747akjain2050 download A-S
5181Niranjan4523 download A-S
5226hegderakshak download A-S
5431spiderman12345 download A-S
5618JackHarper download A-S
5630Ravi4533 download A-S
5874Tiresias download A-S

Round 1B

358Games download B-L
1093azneye download A-S
2025gabber12 download A-L
2420Simple.Simon download A-L
2589mukulgupta download A-L
2747Bonnici download A-S, download A-L
4326aerickson download A-S

Round 1C

317doodoong download B-S
767Artifere download A-S
1168MohamedAmin download B-S
1302sbin550 download B-S, download B-L
1335juesato download A-S
1705raver1975 download B-S
2277PeterP download B-S
2381pron33t download B-S
2848bristy1588 download B-S
3421HammerOfThor download A-S
3708WicKked.Sunny download A-S
3730spiderman12345 download A-S
4059Benj.I download A-S

Round 2

400rishig download B-L
783Isaacpei download A-S, download A-L, download C-S
1816ykabaran download B-S