Unidentified submissions

The programming language used in the following submissions could not be identified.

Qualification Round

90Chrono download B-S
737hamlet download A-S
773iXus download C-S, download C-L
825Will.Wu download A-S
1014AlphaMale download A-S
1176ACube download A-S
1822Roman download A-S, download A-L
3201JimmyNotYammy download B-S
3348Sridhar download B-S
3446Engin download A-S, download A-L, download B-S, download B-L, download C-S
3466s2pp download A-S
3555idog download A-S, download A-L, download B-S, download B-L, download C-S
3750Hatte download A-L, download B-S, download B-L
3799SunDevil download A-S
4707saosieumoi download A-L, download B-S, download B-L
4745ThalesNot download A-S
4962tester1917 download A-S, download A-L, download B-S, download C-S
4995shbasstee download A-S, download A-L
5051casper download C-S
5330DKim download A-S
5581alsanan download A-S, download A-L
5708Aswin download A-S
5868temp31 download A-S, download A-L
6066almonte23 download A-S, download A-L
6164imr download A-S, download A-L
6261anandg download A-S
6357y2215 download A-S, download A-L
6403can download A-S
6591pankajjoshi2008 download A-S, download A-L
6681Baalu22 download A-L
6698amrit download A-S, download A-L
6750Zohan download A-S
6869Wilson.Zhao download A-S, download A-L
6884applechewer download A-S, download A-L
7135boboque download A-S, download A-L
7553pancho download A-S, download B-S, download C-S
7584Skka download C-S
7608ankurmathur download B-S
7617simon111 download B-S
7651jobin download A-S
7676diegofuks download A-S
7679Yuri download C-S
7692reangulo download A-S
7841jeff.beu download A-S
7917sandokan download A-S
7933borisd download C-S
7945teapig download A-S
7970Motu download C-S
8003bloodmoon download A-S
8043ashY download A-S
8047Munaf download A-S
8068zuozuomu download A-S
8069gleraromero download C-S
8129witch download A-S
8136Ankur8684 download C-S
8161NOTHING download B-S

Round 1A

724pr0ton download A-S
1623Engin download A-S
1814saosieumoi download A-S
1955Yiwei download A-S

Round 1B

1075pikachu87 download B-S
1977Engin download A-S, download A-L, download B-S
2662Wilson.Zhao download B-S
2704DarthVader download B-S

Round 1C

50RalfKistner download A-S
399Gaewah download A-S
500nondead download A-S, download A-L, download B-S, download B-L
600h4tguy download A-L
932Rolandas download A-S
1187ericlee2009 download B-S, download B-L
1622leo.inacio download A-S

Round 2

201PengDu download D-S