Identical submissions

The following table lists contestants who have submitted identical solutions.

Round 2

336FancyCoder download C-S, download D-S
350AntiForest download A-L, download B-S
358Blue.Bear download A-L, download B-L
379zck921031 download A-L, download B-L
405gzh download A-L, download C-S
443windhunterSB download B-L, download D-S
443windhunterSB download A-L, download B-S
501Solaris3 download C-S, download D-S
503t3cmax download B-L, download C-S
531wyhao31 download B-L, download C-S, download D-S
556ZJL download B-L, download C-S download C-S, download D-S
851Venox download A-L, download B-S
937langdamao download A-S
1212jinzhao download A-S
1114Error202 download A-L, download B-S, download C-S, download D-S
1240stanstarks download B-L
1357iknownothingitstasty download B-S
1410WingsgniW download B-L
2490Henry.Zhou download B-S
1425DXY download A-L
2526pasccpp download A-S
1604cjc download A-L, download B-S

Round 1C

630Baster download A-L, download B-S
1103ffjiang download B-S
1146kutts download B-S
1170muratakburak download B-S
1277osmanorhan download B-S
1235takacsg84 download A-L, download B-S
2115filippoqua download A-L
2183lucad96 download A-S
2295mihirthegenius download A-L
2869tj92 download A-L
2477alphalamco download A-S
2700darksider download A-L
2603vedhu63w download A-L
2808rootcoder download A-S
3060avin1609 download A-L
3066rohan1991 download A-L
3201Mr.Water download A-S, download B-S
3327derekbrian download B-S
3334rakshakhegde download B-S
3454danziamo download A-S
3565kubych download A-S
3927archit08jain download A-S
3947abhishekspoj download A-S
4120rgarg download A-S
4241gsingh1994 download A-S
4207Utsav15 download A-S
4214kandarp download A-S

Round 1B

282cjc download B-L, download C-S
409busydog0104 download A-L, download B-S
1051infinity4471 download A-S, download B-S
1058linzhou download A-S, download B-S
1274isti757 download A-L, download B-S
1393iamkindoflucky download A-L, download B-S
1415BigWaterMan download A-S, download B-S
1795DongDC download A-L, download B-S
1938mohit2104 download A-S
2294ashwini007k download A-L
2083jainshanu download B-S
2290utkarshsri291 download B-S
2083jainshanu download A-L
2290utkarshsri291 download A-S
2347ardeau download A-L, download B-S
2554Paradox. download A-L
2575raghavjajodia download A-L
2561DARKDUCK download A-L, download B-S
2614rahul881234 download A-S
4255shankar12243 download A-S
3628CTWXDD download B-S
3674YuKevin download B-S
3628CTWXDD download A-S
3674YuKevin download A-S
3689GilgameshOfUruk download A-S, download B-S
3765nitrek download B-S
3942darksider download B-S
3765nitrek download A-S
3942darksider download A-S
3952rajivk download A-S
4635ruchika27 download A-S
3952rajivk download B-S
4635ruchika27 download B-S
3954sherry111 download A-S
4106amansri7494 download A-S
3969BlaBlo download A-S, download B-S
4002rsvsiva download A-S, download B-S
4051acodebreaker download B-S
4363acodegame download B-S
4087deepudips download A-S
4366ppkkgg download A-S
4175akki16 download A-S
4304subodhjain download A-S
4251sadhwaniyash6 download A-S
4358tapan007 download A-S
4347kluklux download A-S, download B-S
4360kode.k download A-S
4363acodegame download A-S
4468rgarg download B-S
7298gsingh1994 download B-S
4489kevinliu download A-S
4522feifeisong download A-S
4497code.coder download B-S
7294ankurjn42 download B-S
4625jdef download A-S, download B-S
5365Manu175 download B-S
7371Ridhika download B-S
5836Utsav15 download B-S
6135kandarp download B-S
6217Aktech download B-S
6407Rawat download B-S
6257Aadithya download B-S
6670anushya download B-S
6301puklit download B-S
6392adityagoyal.07 download B-S
6560FakeMe download B-S
6585priyesh.mshr download B-S
6688R0CkStAr download B-S
6747Prerit07 download B-S
7068nik1123 download B-S
6844BlueBeast download B-S
6967ATULSAM download B-S
7072vikascingh download B-S
7200vkcs download B-S
6906surya43 download B-S
7217prathapreddy download B-S
6928helderppaulo download B-S
7341ercliou download B-S

Round 1A

184davi0015 download B-L, download C-S
313MiSawa download A-L, download B-L
653bachelor download A-L, download B-S
945neil.iiita download A-L, download B-S
979asteroid download A-L, download B-S
1035viinu download A-L, download B-S
1226Creed download A-S, download B-L
2274Mudream download A-S
3556YuKevin download A-S
2434rgarg download B-S
2448gsingh1994 download B-S
2775mohit2104 download A-S
3320ashwini007k download A-S

Qualification Round

224dzhulgakov download C-L, download D-S
296Vkrms download D-S
1831Jack33022 download D-S
296Vkrms download B-L
1831Jack33022 download B-L
296Vkrms download A-S
1831Jack33022 download A-S
465hello.code.jam download D-L
1958go0o0o0ogle download D-S
465hello.code.jam download A-S
1958go0o0o0ogle download A-S
465hello.code.jam download B-L
1958go0o0o0ogle download B-S
549mixsx download C-S, download D-L
839Keanu.Mitnick download D-L
854FrogJJP download D-S
839Keanu.Mitnick download A-S
906cloudrick download A-S
839Keanu.Mitnick download B-S
854FrogJJP download B-S
849SemMes download A-S
1461Cesa download A-S
862lnzsy download A-S, download B-L
1069abualyasir download D-S
1120saeb.salah download D-L
1069abualyasir download B-S
1120saeb.salah download B-L
1086chirag.bansal download D-S
1111Chirag.Bansal download D-S
1086chirag.bansal download C-S
1111Chirag.Bansal download C-S
1086chirag.bansal download C-L
1111Chirag.Bansal download C-L
1086chirag.bansal download A-S
1111Chirag.Bansal download A-S
1086chirag.bansal download B-L
1111Chirag.Bansal download B-L
1086chirag.bansal download D-L
1111Chirag.Bansal download D-L
1086chirag.bansal download B-S
1111Chirag.Bansal download B-S
1351JonasVenture download A-S, download C-L
1486Lehmniscate download B-L, download C-S, download D-S
1643yujinwunz download C-L, download D-S
1675fmars download B-L, download D-S
1765casian download B-S, download C-S
1789nomoon download C-L, download D-L
1822boot download C-L, download D-S
17648ZeusIsBack download B-L
1822boot download A-S
17648ZeusIsBack download A-S
2006blooddragon download C-S
9624dandersson92 download C-S
2032sandeshsingh download D-S
9618sandeshkumar download D-S
2032sandeshsingh download A-S
9618sandeshkumar download A-S
2043BIT.lx download B-S
10829sztly download B-S
2057coderush download B-S
10856Sunda download B-L
2057coderush download D-S
2204amanmehara download D-L
10856Sunda download D-S
2057coderush download A-S
10856Sunda download A-S
2087telgipz download A-S, download B-L
2126jarmaker download B-S
6923javaBOY download B-S
2211devil1437 download C-S, download D-S
2336Omelyanenko download A-S, download B-L
2351afkfurion download B-L, download C-S
2421Freezen download A-S, download B-S
2478kazel download A-S
22273kazel1990 download A-S
2499tana download A-S
3306diego.goncalves download A-S
2592xiangguangde download C-S
11287niulinguo download C-S
2756bakarello download B-L
9606baka4o download B-L
2833sycoprograme download B-L
2851guanyunzhe download B-S
2837johannesk download A-S, download B-S
2851guanyunzhe download A-S
2861yikuaiyu download A-S
2851guanyunzhe download C-S
2861yikuaiyu download C-S
3097niszx download A-S
3122taninis download A-S
3097niszx download D-S
3122taninis download D-L
3097niszx download B-S
3122taninis download B-L
3205galloska download B-S
20596Iwollet download B-S
3205galloska download D-S
20596Iwollet download D-S
3356fudq download A-S
3358code.bagger download A-S
3356fudq download B-S
3358code.bagger download B-L
3356fudq download D-S
3358code.bagger download D-L
3410bhavin1 download B-L, download D-L
3429UFO download B-L
12021tooinlove download B-S
3429UFO download D-L
12021tooinlove download D-S
3429UFO download A-S
12021tooinlove download A-S
3466birdxue download B-L, download D-S
3522NicoEfendi download A-S, download B-S
3575tor download A-S
3605TOR download A-S
3575tor download B-L
3605TOR download B-L
3575tor download D-L
3605TOR download D-L
3575tor download D-S
3605TOR download D-S
3679Fabio.kareem download D-L
3685ronger download D-L
3679Fabio.kareem download B-S
3685ronger download B-S
3679Fabio.kareem download D-S
3685ronger download D-S
3679Fabio.kareem download B-L
3685ronger download B-L
3839Yaoaoaoao download A-S, download B-S
3917anushya download A-S
3960Aadithya download A-S
3917anushya download B-S
3960Aadithya download B-S
3917anushya download B-L
3960Aadithya download B-L
3940thinkinger download A-S, download B-S
3969Devvrat004 download B-L
4663Shrikant1186 download B-L
4023DarkSuperman download B-L, download D-S
4125vietvivu download D-L
4160vietnam download D-L
4145Bhushan13 download B-S
4181rahul.kumar.seth download B-S
4145Bhushan13 download D-L
4181rahul.kumar.seth download D-L
4145Bhushan13 download D-S
4181rahul.kumar.seth download D-S
4145Bhushan13 download B-L
4181rahul.kumar.seth download B-L
4165shmundada download B-S
7006adg1 download B-S
4165shmundada download B-L
7006adg1 download B-L
4182smanohar download D-L
20996a.reena download D-S
4204Quelloquialism download A-S, download B-S, download D-S
4255AlgorithmFreak download B-L
4341hcl download B-L
4255AlgorithmFreak download D-L
4341hcl download D-L
4255AlgorithmFreak download A-S
4341hcl download A-S
4255AlgorithmFreak download B-S
4341hcl download B-S
4261Utsav15 download B-S
6112kandarp download B-L
4297MagedMilad download A-S, download B-S, download D-S
4316flingo1992 download A-S
4489thedoctor1990 download A-S
4379saifulazad download A-S, download B-S, download D-S
4428yuecong download B-L
4439frankxgz download B-L
4428yuecong download D-L
4439frankxgz download D-L
4428yuecong download D-S
4439frankxgz download D-S
4428yuecong download B-S
4439frankxgz download B-S
4510Harsh23 download A-S
4518shivamd22 download A-S
4510Harsh23 download D-S
4518shivamd22 download D-L
4542aCool download D-S
4510Harsh23 download B-S
4518shivamd22 download B-L
4542aCool download B-S
4556Nookesh download D-S
21062kpp download D-S
4634sameerjha download B-L
4731sam89jha download B-S
4634sameerjha download D-L
4731sam89jha download D-S
4641theshbhamgoel download D-L
10728theshubhamgoel download D-S
4641theshbhamgoel download A-S
10728theshubhamgoel download A-S
4641theshbhamgoel download B-L
6198Sandy93 download B-S
10728theshubhamgoel download B-S
4661ashwiniranganathan download D-L
10731Arv download D-S
4661ashwiniranganathan download A-S
10731Arv download A-S
4663Shrikant1186 download A-S
4731sam89jha download A-S
9921Manav8958 download A-S
4695BeyondFuss download B-L, download D-S
4719scythesilvery download D-L
11958ganteng download D-S
4724Pks download A-S, download D-S
4728mayanknarula57 download B-S
9132neelam1957 download B-L
4728mayanknarula57 download D-S
9132neelam1957 download D-L
4864ericlife download B-L
9797trylen download B-S
4933roliy download B-S
12184PureLIN download B-S
14402leonhuang download B-L
4960mukul2502 download D-L
4985mukul2501 download D-L
4993codefreak123 download B-S
11015euphoria1 download B-L
5330Geel download A-S, download B-S
5332lengfengmo download B-L
5590gfen download B-L
5332lengfengmo download B-S
5590gfen download B-S
5332lengfengmo download D-L
5590gfen download D-L
5332lengfengmo download D-S
5590gfen download D-S
5356mastersss download B-L
10815AK49 download D-S
5356mastersss download A-S
10815AK49 download A-S, download B-L
5386VIvaLaVida download B-L, download D-S
5390AtulJha download B-L
7834vishal20 download B-L
5411kostyaby download A-S, download B-S
5435lazyBit download A-S, download B-S
5440virion2 download D-L
10023virion download D-S
5457aras.7 download A-S, download B-L
5545PaoDuroMacMoney download A-S, download B-S, download D-L
5579samrocks download A-S
10759sam21 download A-S
5661vps2k10 download D-L
5766vicky2k10 download D-S
5691ashray download D-L
6921Aayushi download D-S
5691ashray download B-L
6921Aayushi download B-S
5691ashray download A-S
6921Aayushi download A-S
5784deathgun download D-L
6228subodh13110 download D-L
5797sezginfa download B-S
9677elif download B-S
5797sezginfa download D-S
9677elif download D-S
5797sezginfa download B-L
9677elif download B-L
5951code1freak9 download A-S, download B-L
5959killermachine download D-L
10894nikz123 download D-S
5959killermachine download B-L
10894nikz123 download B-S
6002arvchamp download B-L
6065temaniarpit27 download B-L
6002arvchamp download A-S
6065temaniarpit27 download A-S
6085Chinmay.joshi download A-S, download B-S
610912130276 download B-L
7670VanCuong download B-S
7728Dankuso download B-L
9695HuynhAnh download B-L
6121ReadNecklessRmpg download A-S
12087Trambadol download A-S
6121ReadNecklessRmpg download D-S
12087Trambadol download D-S
6121ReadNecklessRmpg download B-S
12087Trambadol download B-S
6170nik1123 download D-L
6178R0CkStAr download D-L
6211vikesh.23 download D-L
6260Prerit07 download D-S
7536DEEPAKNICEBOY download D-S
10109rocknik download D-L
6170nik1123 download B-S
6178R0CkStAr download B-S
6211vikesh.23 download B-L
6260Prerit07 download B-S
7536DEEPAKNICEBOY download B-S
10109rocknik download B-S
21040ptjain02 download B-S
6170nik1123 download D-S
6178R0CkStAr download D-S
6211vikesh.23 download D-S
10109rocknik download D-S
6170nik1123 download A-S
6211vikesh.23 download A-S
6260Prerit07 download A-S
7536DEEPAKNICEBOY download A-S
10109rocknik download A-S
21040ptjain02 download A-S
6198Sandy93 download D-L
10101anshumandear download D-S
6198Sandy93 download A-S
10101anshumandear download A-S
6201sid1994 download D-L
10230Mutinifni download D-S
6227nbahp125 download A-S, download B-S, download D-S
6264AndresKO download A-S, download B-S, download D-S
6270JAFTW download D-L
11498WJay download D-S
6270JAFTW download A-S
11498WJay download A-S
6313coderxdel download B-S
6897LKR download B-S
7138Lucky10 download B-S
6313coderxdel download D-S
6743codethebug download D-L
6314S.Yesipenko download B-L, download D-S
6382attmen download A-S, download B-S
6418shubhamdsoni download A-S
6944rhljain08 download A-S
6418shubhamdsoni download B-L
6944rhljain08 download B-S
6431aspire download B-S
20958arradi download B-S
6433TMKC download A-S
10160leozee download A-S
6433TMKC download D-S
10160leozee download D-L
6477HoloFactory download D-S
12091Dplex download D-S
6477HoloFactory download A-S
9490VitaGuru download A-S
6477HoloFactory download D-L
9490VitaGuru download D-S
6477HoloFactory download B-L
9490VitaGuru download B-S
12091Dplex download B-S
6549rishabsaraf93 download A-S, download B-S
6554CrazyB download B-S
7616khyatisuneja download B-S
6554CrazyB download B-L
7616khyatisuneja download B-L
6554CrazyB download A-S
7616khyatisuneja download A-S
6568coder2194 download B-S
10887invader download B-L
6696vjumanji download B-L, download D-L
6703codezammer download B-L
6759RajeshBarri download B-S
6703codezammer download D-L
6759RajeshBarri download D-S
6703codezammer download A-S
6759RajeshBarri download A-S
6711Thaiya download D-L
10247Chuk download D-L
6712Sarvesh96 download D-S
6753Apoorv16 download D-S
21469Abhilash95 download D-S
6712Sarvesh96 download B-S
6753Apoorv16 download B-L
6712Sarvesh96 download A-S
6753Apoorv16 download A-S
6847DerBaer download A-S
7174Der.Baer download A-S
6897LKR download D-S
7138Lucky10 download D-S
6897LKR download D-L
7138Lucky10 download D-L
6910rsonthal download A-S, download B-L
6957albina44sw download B-L, download D-L
7007ddstone download A-S, download B-S
7022vkcs download B-L
10990vikascingh download B-S
7023itboymd download A-S
7030rohan8396 download A-S
7023itboymd download D-L
7030rohan8396 download D-S
7023itboymd download B-L
7030rohan8396 download B-S
7038linglingci download A-S
7070yuliang download A-S
7038linglingci download D-L
7070yuliang download D-S
7038linglingci download B-L
7070yuliang download B-S
7101Deepsakre download A-S
7163Krishna007 download A-S
7101Deepsakre download B-S
7163Krishna007 download B-L
7101Deepsakre download D-S
7163Krishna007 download D-L
10976wiki05 download D-S
7107yunlucky download B-L
10993wqzhengh3917 download B-L
7228VictoriousSecret download B-L
20628TraceBackNull download B-S
7271pron33t download A-S, download B-S, download D-S
7416Prakh download D-S
7724varunmanit download D-S
7416Prakh download D-L
7724varunmanit download D-L
7441czalidis download D-L
7457Tsirif download D-S
7489ElShabrawy download A-S, download B-S
7499danziamo download B-S
7658kubych download B-L
7501sourabhsomani download D-S
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7504wiki01 download B-L
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14139meraj.nitdgp download B-S
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7573saxenaparag download B-S
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7590vicsyl download A-S, download D-S
7670VanCuong download D-S
7728Dankuso download D-S
9695HuynhAnh download D-L
11524nguyenkhactuong download D-S
11543tcamlr download D-L
11815NUNU download D-S
11818danh download D-S
11840XuanTran download D-S
11854Vohanh download D-S
11868Truc download D-S
12000Canh download D-L
7670VanCuong download A-S
7728Dankuso download A-S
7703bolt082 download A-S
7898NeWcOdEr download A-S
7716tribbbiani download B-S
7812sandy.007 download B-L
10745vikdubey download B-S
7716tribbbiani download D-S
7812sandy.007 download D-L
10745vikdubey download D-S
7716tribbbiani download A-S
7812sandy.007 download A-S
10745vikdubey download A-S
23447potm download A-S
7736A.z.A.z.A download A-S, download B-S, download D-L
7767Varaquilex download A-S, download B-L
7773lite.lo download D-S
8968addy1994 download D-L
7773lite.lo download B-S
8968addy1994 download B-L
7773lite.lo download A-S
8968addy1994 download A-S
7792Manu175 download A-S
8247Ridhika download A-S
7852Kira95 download A-S
19610Bloodgarm download A-S
7863bLANK.thoughts download D-S
7954Degenerator download D-S
7970sads download D-L
9245Ashish231 download D-S
7863bLANK.thoughts download B-S
7954Degenerator download B-S
7970sads download B-L
9245Ashish231 download B-S
7863bLANK.thoughts download A-S
7954Degenerator download A-S
7970sads download A-S
9245Ashish231 download A-S
7902bintu download A-S
10782girigonzo download A-S
7902bintu download D-S
10782girigonzo download D-S
7902bintu download B-S
10782girigonzo download B-L
7952cohesion download B-L
7972kaidul download B-S
7952cohesion download A-S
7972kaidul download A-S
8009testing.v2 download B-S
8014saurabh73 download B-L
8009testing.v2 download D-S
8014saurabh73 download D-L
8009testing.v2 download A-S
8014saurabh73 download A-S
8132GGYaX download A-S, download B-L
8161ujj download D-L
11110srj download D-S
8179I.V download B-S
8336negi download B-L
8184DarKLorD download B-S
19820SnakEHeaD download B-S
8184DarKLorD download B-L
19820SnakEHeaD download B-L
8213invaders download D-L
10887invader download D-S
8223paleg download A-S
11123nomercy download A-S
8249ytrewq download D-S
9000sssawwe download D-S
10501Meherp download D-S
8274AdhithyaB download A-S
11105Adhithya download A-S
8274AdhithyaB download B-S
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