Identical submissions

The following table lists contestants who have submitted identical solutions.

Round 1C

88SerhiiOryshych download A-L, download B-S, download C-S
401Jasonzjj download A-L, download C-S
501evgenstf download B-S, download C-S
1148gamegame download A-L, download B-S
1214HexTree download A-L, download B-S, download C-S
1688mightyvoice download A-L, download C-S
1702aalapshah12297 download A-L, download C-S
1731QAOOOOO download A-L
25801010110001010 download A-L
3685rohit002 download A-S
3808scann download A-S

Round 1B

464TTL.135678942 download B-S, download C-S
474kjp4155 download A-L, download C-S
607mHuman download A-L, download C-L
716DamiHenrique download B-S
1435FreePizza download B-S
750Empress download A-L, download B-S, download C-S
757latte0119 download A-L, download C-S
779ninjaS download A-L, download C-S
801eidanch download A-L, download C-S
1044jwsiegel download A-L, download B-S
1080teqwve download B-L, download C-S
1267Starzxy download C-L, download B-S
1388damsehgal download A-L, download B-S
1400soeasy download A-L, download B-S
1764driver download A-L, download C-S
1959dreamwyy download A-L, download B-S, download C-S
2254code.ljam download A-S
2260smiley0007 download A-L
2510Serh.Kry download A-L, download B-S
2578Jasonzjj download A-L, download B-S
2960k0syan download B-S
3047kantuni download B-S
3295Testingisfun download B-S
3321LateStart download B-S
3439Vaibhav.1248 download B-S
3471Vaibhav1741 download B-S
3439Vaibhav.1248 download A-L
3471Vaibhav1741 download A-S
4594shabbirhussain download A-S
5196Invin.Amit download A-L
5053sarveshjain download A-L
5137prateekmah download A-L
6026AnkushGoyal download A-L
6204Prashant16 download A-S
6653sagarthakur download A-L
6805satyendrashah download A-S
6657Joravar download A-L
6861codERR download A-S
7841Starks download A-S
7136Hsuyaremo download A-S
7864Akgarg download A-S
7179amritesh2026 download A-S
795911Ayush11 download A-S
7302sniper26 download A-S
7491yashu2828 download A-L
7330xshivx download A-S
7378Rajasalok1996 download A-L
7508Xonym download A-S
7530JaiMataDii download A-L
7851nishu112 download A-S
8030Deepakmohan download A-S
8070FIXIT download A-S
8076codehero download A-S
8099Terence3deepu download A-S

Round 1A

258kuzphi download B-L, download C-S
393ArCher download B-L
468hahatianx download B-S
476Jasonzjj download A-L, download B-S
2093Bigspacely download A-L
2711jbmr.kkd download A-S
4341Simplecoder download A-L
4446rajat4294 download A-S
4422Prithvi071997 download A-S
4425AdiUser download A-L
4550shabbirhussain download B-S
4560Invin.Amit download B-S

Qualification Round

410yesyesnooo download B-L, download C-S
729soeasy download A-L, download B-S, download C-S, download D-S
1301yanyu2do download C-L2
16014feifeijun download C-S
1301yanyu2do download B-L
16014feifeijun download B-S
1301yanyu2do download A-L
16014feifeijun download A-S
13171512198 download A-L, download B-S
1320TrueBamboo download B-L, download C-S
1510lkw download B-L
1565nightglyde download B-S
1616Warrio1209 download B-S
1510lkw download A-L
1565nightglyde download A-S
1616Warrio1209 download A-S
1510lkw download C-L2
1565nightglyde download C-S
1616Warrio1209 download C-S
1916mitul download C-L2
2506Vishu2421 download C-L2
2008froghramar download A-L
2760orbital download A-L
2008froghramar download C-L2
2760orbital download C-L2
2206mickeyandkaka download A-L, download B-S
2439akansh97531 download A-L, download C-L1
2527vishal23 download A-S
3340binjolaruchita download A-L
2527vishal23 download C-S
7292Pankaj005 download C-L1
2563Samiher download B-L, download C-S
2726FittySpence download B-L, download C-S
2822Codefather download A-S
2946TakeABow download A-S
2822Codefather download A-L
2946TakeABow download A-L
2988nonreactive download A-L
2822Codefather download B-L
2946TakeABow download B-L
2854KanchanKumari download A-L, download B-S, download C-S
2863nshafiul download A-L, download C-S
3015midhunmathew download B-L
13066coder1708 download B-S
3071zsx1993 download A-L, download B-L
3219alchem9st download C-L1
6937devansh2895 download C-S
6968ChirayushPatel download C-S
7087DIVR download C-S
21306chiruPlayerAwesome download C-S
3449DakshSemwal download A-S
3484tkapil32 download A-S
11572ashuchangra download A-L
3449DakshSemwal download B-S
3484tkapil32 download B-L
3468eno3nt download B-L
12606brouhaha543 download B-S
3504Ariel.Yu download B-L
6298yesyzq download B-S
3504Ariel.Yu download A-L
6298yesyzq download A-S
3514poojapathak0001 download A-L
7292Pankaj005 download A-S
3514poojapathak0001 download B-L
7292Pankaj005 download B-S
3626KIBA download B-L
13023IAmScar download B-L
13075crisis download B-S
3651Eyelids download A-L, download B-S
3711Jasonzjj download A-L, download B-S
3715koshish download B-L, download C-L1
3804lauer download B-S, download C-S
4207realflash download A-L, download B-S
4360usernotfound download A-S
18656hasaki download A-L
4374MZuev download A-L, download B-S, download C-S
4488SaeedNB download A-L
8529raminBHL download A-S
4603divyam310 download B-L, download C-S
4700imm download B-S
18610grkkarthick download B-L
4735codearth01 download A-S
5148rohit002 download A-L
9141ktcoder1 download A-S
4735codearth01 download C-L1
5148rohit002 download C-L2
9141ktcoder1 download C-S
4735codearth01 download B-S
9141ktcoder1 download B-L
4938yukichan download B-L
4963YvesChan download A-S
5054cpp.zzang download A-S
5161HelloCode download A-L
5054cpp.zzang download B-S
5161HelloCode download B-L
5054cpp.zzang download C-L2
5161HelloCode download C-L2
5075jamieha download C-S
15512hajh download C-L1
15683OrangeJuice download C-S
5075jamieha download A-S
15512hajh download A-L
15683OrangeJuice download A-S
5121Thickshake download B-L
9090npol807 download B-S
5220Kowalks2 download A-S
8267Kowalks download A-L
5220Kowalks2 download B-S
8267Kowalks download B-L
5283fjfiwekdskfj download A-L, download B-S, download C-S, download D-S
5433niweshgupta download A-S, download C-L2
5451yukad download A-S
9502youkad download A-S
5451yukad download B-L
9502youkad download B-S
5639sahuang download B-S, download C-S
5805dyx404514 download A-L, download B-S, download C-S
5897Darkdawn download A-L, download B-S, download C-S
6018lucus download A-S
22689Rikyo download A-S
6074naoki2016 download A-L, download B-S, download C-S
6139gzharun download A-L, download B-S, download C-S
6227evelina download A-L
12350yumou download A-S
6230Mjos download C-L1
6244jainpalak130 download C-L1
6230Mjos download A-L
6244jainpalak130 download A-L
6251nhkhoi download A-L, download B-S
6258saeedhussein download C-L1
12510PSoliev download C-L1
6302sagarthakur download A-L
11538Prachu10i download A-S
6302sagarthakur download B-S
9341satyendrashah download B-S
11572ashuchangra download B-L
6322ab79 download B-S
7443rathiharsh download B-L
6322ab79 download A-S
7443rathiharsh download A-L
6369QAOOOOO download A-L
66761010110001010 download A-L
6415kilnyy download A-L, download B-S
6456Philidor download A-L, download B-L, download C-S
6479iloveac download C-S
12260baiganbharta download C-L1
6479iloveac download A-L
6836actrouble download A-S
6889nvg download A-S
6479iloveac download B-L
6836actrouble download B-S
6889nvg download B-S
6501Shining download B-L, download C-L1
6518Devcoder download A-L
16900DEV.AWASTHI download A-S
6518Devcoder download B-L
16821vs97849 download B-L
6575thuanvt download A-L, download C-S
6592Sanjit download B-L
7339JOSEPHJOJO download B-L
7347JAY31 download B-L
66011403mashaonan download C-L2
6645yyffw download C-L2
66011403mashaonan download A-L
6645yyffw download A-L
6691BENA download A-L
6913uronep download A-L
6691BENA download A-S
6913uronep download A-S
6836actrouble download C-L1
6889nvg download C-S
6844puneetsaluja download B-S
14372ansh2111 download B-S
6844puneetsaluja download A-L
12761Jai.Pal.Singh download A-L
6844puneetsaluja download B-L
12761Jai.Pal.Singh download B-L
6937devansh2895 download B-S
7087DIVR download B-S
6937devansh2895 download A-S
6968ChirayushPatel download A-S
7087DIVR download A-L
6990GabrieleMaurina download A-L
7851armaDio download A-S
6990GabrieleMaurina download B-L
7851armaDio download B-S
6990GabrieleMaurina download C-L1
7851armaDio download C-S
7067Libro download C-S
17184sajal1301 download C-S
7195Zigaroula download B-S, download C-S
7257SebleSebastien download A-L, download B-S
7339JOSEPHJOJO download C-S
7347JAY31 download C-L1
7339JOSEPHJOJO download A-S
7347JAY31 download A-L
7426AarKay download B-L, download C-S
7525Xranger download A-S
18918blackcat download A-L
7546vineetpratik01 download A-L, download C-S
7555humblekrypton download A-L, download B-S, download C-S
7590swetank.modi download A-L, download B-S, download C-S
7691scann download A-L
7747mathuyu download A-S
7691scann download C-L2
7747mathuyu download C-S
7741JaiMataDii download B-S
11665Xonym download B-S
11674a.J download B-S
7741JaiMataDii download B-L
11665Xonym download B-L
11674a.J download B-L
12102Bunny.Bhargava download B-L
7810kritiagrawal11 download A-L, download B-S
7865Aicanario download A-L, download B-L
7880bunny1997 download C-L1
7889AnayPresent download C-L1
7880bunny1997 download C-S
7889AnayPresent download C-S
7880bunny1997 download B-L
7889AnayPresent download B-L
7912quarkral download B-L, download C-S
7922Shockvan download B-L
8418FrankShockvan download B-L
7922Shockvan download B-S
8418FrankShockvan download B-S
7922Shockvan download A-L
8418FrankShockvan download A-L
7969pewdiepiesucks download A-S
22584sak5996 download A-S
7995Vandakshay download A-L
8022Akshay download A-S
7995Vandakshay download B-L
8022Akshay download B-S
8012sarveshjain download A-L
8062prateekmah download A-L
8012sarveshjain download C-S
8062prateekmah download C-S
8012sarveshjain download A-S
8062prateekmah download A-S
8012sarveshjain download C-L1
8062prateekmah download C-L1
8012sarveshjain download B-L
8062prateekmah download B-S
8071KSGeek download A-S
21462KunalSindhwani download A-S
8071KSGeek download A-L
21462KunalSindhwani download A-L
8122ayushiiit download C-S
8126EvansTrap download C-L1
8158frone download C-S
8168sonu628 download C-L1
8167Alak.woof download B-L
17740alak download B-S
8216Mahmovd download B-S
9396Fumire230 download B-L
8216Mahmovd download C-S
9396Fumire230 download C-S
23445bWFobW91Z download C-S
8216Mahmovd download A-S
9396Fumire230 download A-S
16734sayan.g download A-S
23490Mdwqd download A-S
8220Justshubh download A-L
8337Amiya download A-L
8354priyashi download A-L
8220Justshubh download C-S
8337Amiya download C-L1
8354priyashi download C-S
8220Justshubh download B-L
8337Amiya download B-L
8354priyashi download B-L
8337Amiya download B-S
8354priyashi download B-S
8337Amiya download A-S
8354priyashi download A-S
8368sudo131 download C-L1
10390Asynchronous112 download C-L1
8368sudo131 download A-S
10390Asynchronous112 download A-S
8371codercyber download B-L
8483shubham16121996 download B-L
8371codercyber download C-L1
8483shubham16121996 download C-L1
8371codercyber download A-L
8483shubham16121996 download A-S
8580yusou download C-S
9563TsundereChen download C-S
8657FarahaniMehr download C-L1
8746Farahani..Mehr download C-L1
8780spearkiller1 download A-S
23585spearkiller download A-S
8799cancioncitas download A-S
16202Hannan.Li download A-S
8832amitkumar27 download C-S
15809divyaverma15 download C-S
15838a.v2612 download C-L1
8832amitkumar27 download A-S
15809divyaverma15 download A-S
15838a.v2612 download A-L
8842siamcr7 download A-L, download B-S
8858WallaceWins download B-S
8916ronishi download B-L
10640zhang4all download B-S
8858WallaceWins download C-S
8916ronishi download C-L1
10640zhang4all download C-S
8862SKSQ download A-S
8875ZeroDark download A-L
8916ronishi download A-L
10640zhang4all download A-S
8933xliq download B-L, download C-S
8965moox download A-L
10283Phatossi download A-L
8987Serh.Kry download A-L, download C-S
9022dudePatrick download A-L, download C-L1
9062Tahii download A-S
9165m.mgh download A-L
9069Nashua download A-S
9120itsdv download A-S
9069Nashua download A-L
9120itsdv download A-L
9069Nashua download C-L1
9120itsdv download C-L1
9069Nashua download C-S
9120itsdv download C-S
9069Nashua download B-L
9120itsdv download B-S
9076jbuddha download A-L, download C-S
9093Higazy download A-L, download B-S
9101tshrjn0007 download B-L
21668tshrjn007 download B-S
9116Sol. download A-L, download B-L
9235pHHp download A-L, download B-S, download C-S
9448JackieCkc download A-L, download C-S
9518fahadshaikh download B-L
11901sadikkhadeer download B-S
9518fahadshaikh download A-L
11901sadikkhadeer download A-S
21816fary123 download A-S
9568maverickCoder download A-S
10222akhil257 download A-L
9654punitk download B-L
11634shubhamsg download B-S
9654punitk download A-L
11634shubhamsg download A-S
9714ParthGandhi449 download A-L
13025adi7raj93 download A-S
13032Viral206 download A-S
9714ParthGandhi449 download B-L
13025adi7raj93 download B-S
13032Viral206 download B-S
9770Mahmoud.Ouka download A-L, download B-S, download C-S
9822fturan download A-S
16365FurkanTuran download A-S
9822fturan download B-S
16365FurkanTuran download B-L
9836Albharath download B-L
12866sunnyrockstar98 download B-S
9836Albharath download C-S
21952abcxyz123 download C-S
9900kairos download A-L, download B-S
9928bharath14 download C-S
10108hareeshv download C-S
9935Agumon download B-L
10575shbert download B-L
16534JeongHyeYeong download B-L
9935Agumon download A-L
10575shbert download A-L
9935Agumon download A-S
10575shbert download A-S
10015sheetalshreya1029 download C-S
10074Kirito1996 download C-S
10015sheetalshreya1029 download A-L
10025Kirito1 download A-S
10074Kirito1996 download A-S
10015sheetalshreya1029 download B-L
10025Kirito1 download B-S
10074Kirito1996 download B-S
10036Shisui download B-L
10213Tanii download B-S
10050Praveen.Kulkarni download C-S
17454bsaik7 download C-S
10071dragonslash download C-S
16386Pranay.lazy download C-S
10083hareesham download B-L
10108hareeshv download B-L
10083hareesham download A-L
10108hareeshv download A-L
10089sainandan download B-L
10582ksreeniv download B-L
10089sainandan download C-S
10582ksreeniv download C-S
10146Dipjal.Chhetri download B-L, download C-S
10211beasthawking download B-S
16949Scopegen download B-S
10211beasthawking download C-S
16949Scopegen download C-S
10211beasthawking download A-L
16949Scopegen download A-S
10267sabarirangan download A-S
22000Aubmeyang download A-S
10269Nesszors download A-L, download B-L
10282mares download B-L, download C-L1
10360QL123 download A-S, download C-L2, download B-S
10451crackj09 download B-S
17182surajmaurya download B-L
10451crackj09 download C-S
10597Daniyal89 download C-S
10515jitendra2896 download B-S
17847heller552 download B-S
10525Ragnar.Kartu download B-L, download C-S
20079mohito download B-S
10535monti1998 download B-L
15569panditg download B-L
10539Nissy download A-L, download B-S, download C-S
22161hbdhvjkhdbvakbcadk download A-S, download C-S
10575shbert download C-S
16534JeongHyeYeong download C-S
10575shbert download B-S
16534JeongHyeYeong download B-S
10606Pogback download A-L
17158bigkizdacm download A-L
10656Satyam268 download B-L
10682AmyNagarro download B-L
10656Satyam268 download A-S
10682AmyNagarro download A-L
10656Satyam268 download C-S
10677sniper26 download C-S
10677sniper26 download B-L
10778yashu2828 download B-L
10700LeKanak download C-S
10734Aurelyssee download C-S
10700LeKanak download B-L
10734Aurelyssee download B-S
10700LeKanak download A-L
10734Aurelyssee download A-S
10748ANUBHAV1996 download C-S
10783tusharsk download C-S
10748ANUBHAV1996 download A-L
16951AnubhavARONNEW download A-S
21925AnuANU download A-S
10748ANUBHAV1996 download B-L
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10748ANUBHAV1996 download B-S
10754Anushi download B-S
10783tusharsk download B-S
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10874piccadimn download B-S
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10967honeymonster download A-L, download B-L
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11188tallestdwarf download A-L, download B-S, download C-S
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11665Xonym download A-S
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12102Bunny.Bhargava download A-S
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11938TYAGI download A-S
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11953moshiur.cse15 download A-L
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12029Magicalhoplite download A-L
13884geekydeep download A-L
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12100indrajohn download B-L
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12133kartik07 download B-S
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12189Trixter download A-S
12145dragonthk download B-L
18951Agentzhao download B-L
12181jenil1998 download B-S
12435Nemi download B-S
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12186Aditya.369 download B-L
12448satyarocks download B-L
12186Aditya.369 download A-S
12448satyarocks download A-L
12237Jaya4svm download B-L
20838Tdg download B-S
12237Jaya4svm download A-L
12613shubhamjpc download A-S
12282kholmatov download B-S
12301mathking download B-L
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12301mathking download A-L
12361pkhrag download A-L
21831YOL download B-S
12494vaibhav0000patel download B-S
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23810pbhonsle download A-S
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12518kjoshi2016 download A-S
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12746SajeebKumar.SUST download B-S
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12799monukumar download B-L
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12835skyrex download A-L
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13000jith0505 download A-S
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12860Rishabh174 download C-S
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12884Satya515 download B-L
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