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Scheme is a functional programming language and one of the two main dialects of the programming language Lisp, following a minimalist design philosophy specifying a small standard core with powerful tools for language extension.

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Problems solved

Qualification Round (43 solutions by 17 contestants):
Round 1A (4 solutions by 3 contestants):
Round 1B (10 solutions by 4 contestants):
Round 1C (8 solutions by 3 contestants):

Submission Origin

Japan (4 contestants)
Romania (2 contestants)
United States (1 contestant)
Russia (1 contestant)
Poland (1 contestant)
New Zealand (1 contestant)
Mexico (1 contestant)
Czech Republic (1 contestant)
China (1 contestant)
Canada (1 contestant)
Brazil (1 contestant)
Austria (1 contestant)
Argentina (1 contestant)